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Entertainment booking platform that encourages musicians to develop professional online profiles to find more work.

Help Finding Work for Musicians and Singers

Search for the latest job postings - we work with large hotel chains, cruise ships and wedding planners and are able to offer hundreds of opportunities for singers and musicians to find work both locally or further afield around the world.

Singers Wanted

Find & Apply to the latest auditions and singing jobs near you including open auditions & vocalist wanted classifieds ads.

We also have enquiries & leads for Local Singing Gigs, Abroad Contracts, Fly-Backs & Cruise ship entertainer jobs.basically a whole lot of opportunities for vocalists
With party entertainment being a growing industry, musicians and bands who do not work for large companies need an inexpensive and reliable source to attract potential clients for party gigs.

That is where Entertainers Worldwide comes in. With updated job listings and ads for musicians wanted you can be first in line applying for opportunities, gigs and auditions.

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