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Boston, MA

Pop, Rock, Classic Rock

On their page 1 0 88
  • Visit Organically Good Trio on

Organically Good Trio

Boston, MA

Funk, Reggae

On their page 1 0 12
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Bite The Bullet

Salem, NH

Country, Rock, Funk

On their page 1 0 70
  • Visit Fifth Freedom on

Fifth Freedom

Portland, ME

Hard/Modern Rock

On their page 1 0 9
  • Visit Inverter on


Boston, MA

Rap-Rock, Hardcore, Heavy Metal

On their page 1 0 3
  • Visit Casual Gravity on

Casual Gravity

Manchester, NH

Pop, Rock, Hard/Modern Rock

On their page 1 0 62
  • Visit Fast Times ('80's Tribute) on

Fast Times ('80's Tribute)

Boston, MA


On their page 1 0 61
  • Visit Green Lion Crew on

Green Lion Crew

York, ME


On their page 1 0 3

From Our Blog

Welcome to MusicIDB 3.0

  • Artist Listings

    Create a media-rich artist listing in the database

    Adding pictures, links, plus videos and embedded music from youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, spotify and more make for gorgeous and exciting artist pages.
  • Artist Media

    Your artist page videos, links, and pics appear on venue websites

    Most content from your artist page is displayed directly on MusicIDB-integrated venue websites when you are tagged on their events.
  • Integrated Artist Websites

    Integrated Artist Websites

    Add your events with your dashboard calendar and integrate your event listings on your website.  This is a new and updated view available by request only - rolling out fall 2019.  Email [email protected] to enable this view for your artist listing.
  • Find Gig Opportunities

    Find Gig Opportunities

    Discover gig opportunities and venues on the opportunities list.  Email and inquire or simply click the checkbox on a date you're interested in, letting promoters see your band is open to conversation but making them send the first message.
  • Artist List Search

    Get Discovered in the Artist List

    Fans, bookers and promoters using the Artist List on MusicIDB can find new acts based on your region and genre and more.  They're able to send gig invites directly from the list to your email once you've claimed your artist page.
  • Beautiful Event Calendars for Your Website

    Beautiful Event Calendars for Your Website

    Interactive, clean event calendars built for live music venues.
  • Attractive List View

    Attractive List View with Theme Options Like Dark Mode

    Using the MusicIDB WordPress Plugin or Embed Code, visitors to your website will enjoy high quality images and artist media for any artists tagged on your events.
  • Event Pop-Up

    Visitors will discover your artists in a sleek pop-up when interacting with any event

    Artist links, bio, Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify media display right on top of your calendar, makes it possible for your upcoming artists to win over new fans who might otherwise skip a show they aren't familiar with.
  • MusicIDB Calendar

    Integrate with Your WordPress Website

    The MusicIDB Events Calendar WordPress Plugin is the best way to add your calendar and events list to your WordPress website. Just visit your venue page after your claim is approved and click embed to generate your API key for the Plugin. Powered by our API, your events will now display with tagged artist media like YouTube videos, SoundCloud content and more.
  • Featured Events Slider

    Featured Events Slider for your Website or Mounted TV at your Venue

    Grab the featured events slider from your venue page, or use the MusicIDB Events Calendar WordPress plugin to generate a shortcode. 

    For displaying on a TV, we recommend a smart TV that comes with the "Internet Browser" app such as most modern Samsung TVs. Then just create a page of your website that displays the WordPress shortcode on a simple backdrop. 
    Let us know if you'd like help creating the template, we can make sure it auto-refreshes once per hour too so as your designers finish posters for upcoming events, they display in your venue, bar or restaurant instantly!
  • Spreadsheet View

    New List / Spreadsheet View on Dashboard for Your Upcoming Events

    Search quickly or see which events do not yet have ticket links or Facebook events at a glance.  All part of the free MusicIDB Venue account.
  • Event Records Spreadsheet

    Simple Event Records Spreadsheet

    Right on your dashboard, you can instantly notate past events and get automatic calculations for profitability of each event. Options can be found in the User Preferences under the gear icon on the top right side of the dashboard. *This is a Pro Account Feature
  • Slide - Artist Network

    Manage Your Artist Network

    Convenient dashboard spreadsheet of all your past booked artists so you can quickly fill your calendar with bands you haven't booked recently.
  • Slide - Find Artists

    Find Artists

    Quickly filter through all listed artists in your region of the genres you're looking for.  Reach out directly to any claimed artists, or track down wiki-listed artists via their social media links on the right.

  • Slide - Book Artists

    Book Artists

    Invite artists to play your events with the book button on any artist page. 

  • Print Set Times Sheet

    Print Set Times Sheets

    For multi-band showcases and festivals, print set times sheets for to hang at your venue so bands and fans know who's up when.
  • Festival Lineup Slide

    Festival Lineup Integration

    Festival Lineup integration provides an interactive experience for visitors to see videos,  hear music and learn more about all artists on your event without leaving the ever leaving your website's lineup page.
  • Festival Artist

    Festival Artist

    Each artist lays out beautifully in an elegant pop-up designed to feature videos, music, social links, bio, a picture and any appearances they are scheduled on throughout the festival.
  • Festival Schedule Slide

    Festival Schedule Integration

    Fully interactive Festival Schedule integration.  Supports multiple dates per festival, multiple stages, complex set times. Views can be customized.  Swipe to preview artist detail pop-up when clicking. *Pro Feature
  • Awards Shows
    Award shows can set up each award as a stage to show off winners.  Chat with us for help setting up this kind of experience where we use the Festival Tools configured a special way. *Pro Feature
  • Filter the Events List and Embed on Your Website

    Filter the Events List and Embed on Your Website

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